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Universal Proctor Listings
Last Update: 3/2/03

    Here sits the most updated version of the list, again, if you are on it an see something not correct, please notify me so I can change it; or if you are not on it and would like to be, please drop me a line with your preferences and abilities as far as proctoring goes.

All matches
Regular matches ~ Slave, Honor, Death, and Prisoner of War matches

EbonCorazon ~ No VCM

Keirra Azeraith
Kista Cobreal
Sariana Dane
We Are Synthetic

   This list has been presented to make it easier for our warriors within the realms to find a skilled proctor if the need for one should arise. Credit belongs to Mckaine for the construction of this list and the opening paragraph. Please mail any additions or corrections to the WebWeaver.