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Rhydin War Council
Guild and Roster Procedures
Date: February 17, 2003

I. RWC Membership

A. Applying for Council Membership
    1. Guilds wishing to apply for RWC membership must contact the CA's office for assistance. 
        The submission of a roster filled out by the Guild's Leader is considered a proper 
        application for admission into the RWC. 
    2. One leader for each group with 15+ members shall rule on violations and rule changes.
    3. The application must have: 
        a. The guild's name, abbreviation, and alignment (Light, Neutral, or Dark),
        b. The guild type (Combat or Non Combat), 
        c. The name of the proposed guild councilor, 
        d. Listing of all active members holding rank in the guild. 
    4. After applying, new guilds have a 72 hour waiting period.
    5. If there's no exception called, the CA's office posts the applying guild's roster on the RWC
        message board, at which time, the guild is considered to be an official member.

B. Exception to Council Membership
    1. Exception: A request by one or more RWC Councilors to bar the entrance of an applying
        guild. Such a call requires a formal letter addressed to the FC, SC, and CA's office along 
        with proof of the harm or intent of harm the entering guild may cause the RWC.
    2. Exception cannot be called for items of a personal nature.
    3. If the call is considered valid, majority vote of the council determines if the applying guild 
        is granted or denied membership.

C. Definitions of Combat, Non Combat, and Combat Healers
    1. Combat member - One who carries combat rank in a guild and fights in war. A combat 
        member must list their guild and rank in their profile to be counted as a valid member of 
        the guild (this includes guilds who are applying for membership).
    2. Non Combat member - One who does not carry combat rank in a guild and does not fight 
        in war. A non combat member must list their guild and non combat rank in their profile to 
        be counted as a valid member of the guild.
    3. Combat Healers - One who carries combat and non combat rank in a guild. These ranks 
        are separate and are indicated as such in the individual's profile. 
        (Ex: Gondor Lieutenant/HoH Priestess or Commander/High Priestess in Gondor)
    4. Guild affiliation and rank must be clearly legible when checked (I.e., Colored profiles are 
        allowed, as long as fonts and backgrounds aren't the same color and can be easily read).

II. Guild Governance

A. Guild Status Changes
    1. Guild command and guild councilor changes must be sent to the RWC mailing list.
    2. Combat guilds that temporarily change their status to Inactive for internal adjustment
        must immediately inform the council mailing list.
    3. Inactive Status
        a. Guilds may go Inactive for the following durations:
            1) Two weeks (14 days).
            2) One month (30 days).
            3) Three Months (90 days).
        b. Penalties for Inactive Status:
            1) Ineligible to vote.
            2) Not allowed participation in war or forum events.
            3) They cannot earn XP.
        c. Guilds may not go Inactive while they are at war.
        d. If inactive for longer than one month (30 days), the FC and CA's office will step in to 
            examine the guild's situation. They may lend counsel, where possible.
        e. Guilds inactive longer than three months (90 days) will be removed.

B. Experience (XP) Transactions / Experience Audits
    1. Member disappearances (NKU) - If a member above Warrior rank disappears from the
        realm without leaving a recorded alias (Screen Name) change, s/he is granted 3 days to 
        return before all XPs are lost. 
    2. Members departing the RWC - This only applies to members who will return at a later date. 
        Such members are encouraged to write a letter to their Guild Leader and the CA's office 
        announcing thier leave of absence so as not to lose thier XP. If no letter is received, the 
        member is considered disappeared (NKU).
    3. Transferring Members and Transferring XP
        a. XPs may not be transferred from one member to another, only one alias to another
            (SN change for the same character). 
        b. Members may not transfer while their current guild's roster is frozen for war.
    4. Experience Audit - when the CA's office and Guild Leader compare records to make sure 
        a guild member is at their rightful rank and XP level. 
        a. If the guild is at war, the individual is pulled from participating and earning XP.
        b. The CA's office and the Guild Leader have 7 days to complete the audit and adjust the 
            member's rank and level, if needed. More time can be granted, but the individual is 
            allowed to return to the war and earn XP.
        c. An individual's audit of XP is a private issue between the CA's office, the Guild Leader, 
            and the individual being audited. 

C. Guild Dismissal / Guild Ban 
    1. Any guild can be dismissed from the council without vote for the following: 
        a. Failure to maintain 15 active members in the guild for 3 consecutive months.
        b. Inactive for more than 90 days.
    2. Any guild can be banned from the Council by majority vote for the following: 
        a. The CA's office finds the guild to be grossly negligent and/or dishonest in the 
            accounting of member XP. 
        b. The guild is found to be cheating.
    3. A guild prematurely departing from the council to avoid a ban vote will be considered 

D. Departure/Resubmission of former RWC guilds.
    1. Voluntary Departure
        a. The Guild Leader notifies the council of their guild leaving voluntarily.
        b. Individuals may transfer to another guild if they wish. 
        c. Guild may resubmit their roster at any time.
    2. Involuntary Departure (not Guild Ban)
        a. The CA's office notifies the council of guilds removed.
        b. Individuals may transfer to another guild, if they wish. 
        c. Guild may resubmit their roster after 30 days.
    3. Involuntary Departure via Guild Ban
        a. Individuals may not transfer, they are to leave with the guild.
        b. Guild may resubmit their roster after 90 days and must pass a successful majority 
            council vote for re-admission. 
    4. Guild re-applying for membership must follow new guild admission guidelines.

III. RWC Rosters

A. Roster dates
    1. All guilds are to send an updated guild roster to the CA's office. 
    2. Due dates are posted by the CA's office to the council mailing list.
    3. CA's office reviews and returns monthly rosters within 72 hours after posted due date.

B. Roster contents
    1. A valid RWC roster must:
        a. List each member's alias (SN) in alphabetical order under respective ranks.
        b. List each member's XP earnings in this order: Combat XP / Healer XP / Assassin XP.
        c. List the Guild Leader, the guild's alignment, and the guild's safe havens (one Member 
            Room, one Private Room).
        d. Copy war tallies and verified spar records to the bottom of rosters. 
        e. Not have more than 10% of the listed aliases (SNs) invalid or they are barred from 
            participating in war or forum events. 10% is defined as total members minus frozen 
            members (rounded to the closest whole number).
    2. Non Combat members, those who hold no combat, healing, or assassin XP, do not 
        count for or against a guild. 

VI. Guild Roster Template*

Guild Name: 
Guild Acronym: 
Guild Leader / Second in Command (if any): 
Names to receive mail (if different from above, limit two per guild): 
Guild Alignment: Light, Neutral, or Dark (Choose one)
Guild Status: Combat or Non Combat Guild (Choose one)
Safe Haven: (state one Member room)
War Room: (state one Private room)
Roster Type: Monthly, War, or Admission (Monthly and War can be combined)
Date of last update:
Total Membership: 16

Commanders: 4
AragornKg 5200/1900 Priest
ArwenQu 5010/2100 High Priestess
MithrandirWzd 6000
XTheodenKing 5100 (Frozen)

Generals: 3
Gimli Dwf 4000/1100 Healer
OoxHaldirxoO 4000/1000 Healer
VxLegolas 4000/1200 Healer

Captains: 3 
Angel Boromir 2500 (SN change from BoromirXx)
Cpt Faramir 2550/500 Acolyte
Lord Eomer 2760

Lieutenants: 2
FrodoBggns 2290/500 Curate
SamwiseGamg 2300/510 Curate

Sergeants: 1
Lady Eowyn 1300

Warriors: 2
Pippin40 300
Merry634 300

Non Combat: 2
Elrond 0/2100 High Priest
GaIadrieI {gaiadriei}

Member Activities: (Please note these changes column style on your roster.)

Arriving members:
Member transfers to your guild
New members

Departing members:
Member transfers from your guild

Member Changes: (Please note these changes column style or within the roster as shown above)
Frozen members
Alias (SN) changes

Experience Point Earnings: (Copy/Paste official War tallies and verified Spar records here.)

*Rosters must be in black ink on white background.

Character names from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Copyrighted by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Copyrighted 2003 - Rhydin War Council. All rights reserved.