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Rhydin War Council



    The Rhydin War Council (RWC) is owned and operated by the councilors and will only be as great as the leaders' participation and perseverance. The RWC is a coalition of guild leaders which exists to ensure justice for each of its participant guilds and their individual members. We do this by three means:

    1. Formulate, amend, and enforce the RWC conventions and operations which serves 
     as the guidelines for conflict between guilds.
    2. Confirm that all members comply with the RWC conventions and operations.
    3. Defend the individual's gaming rights granted by the AOL Gods themselves, against 
        any who would seek to hinder or alter them.

    The RWC caters to all guild alignments.  Light, neutral, and dark are no different from each other and work together to provide a stable environment for all of its members.  The RWC has withstood the tests of time.   It has seen the birth and death of other forums.  It has survived when presumed dead, rising from it's own ashes to become stronger.  This has been accomplished due to the dedication and hard work of each councilor.  These are the members of the Rhydin War Council.... 


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To view the guidelines and current information, please visit the links below.

The Rhydin War Council Message Board

Council Roster    Proctor Listings

Guild and Roster Procedures (New Guild Info can be found here!)

Conventions    Operations     Assassin 

 Rhydin Code of Honor

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The Rhydin War Council (RWC) is an America Online roleplaying forum.
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